Connected telecom operations – from network to the customer

The Telecom industry is going through tectonic shifts across IT and Network infrastructures with mobile data explosion, Fibre & 4G/LTE, and the imminent roll-out of 5G networks, IT-Network convergence, need for Real-Time control, and the focus on analytics to monetize data effectively. Also, there is a need to create a differentiated customer experience through digital adoption. Telecom is at the heart of inclusive economic development and fulfilment of evolving human needs with agility. Despite sitting on a golden mountain of data, telecom providers continue to face struggles in using it to ensure cost-efficient network management, creating compelling experiences at every user touchpoint, accelerating market roll-outs, driving lean operations, safeguarding privacy, data, and more.


Discover how we put your strategic priorities into overdrive by bringing the speed of software, economies of cloud, and a well-orchestrated digital core designed for a rapidly evolving telecommunications ecosystem.


NexGen Application Managed Services: Rationalize and make the most of your software-driven processes with automation, AI/ML, and more

Infrastructure & Network Management Services: Design the digital blueprint of your IT infrastructure to make the most of a cloud-native or hybrid 5G core

4G, 5G & RAN Virtualization Services: Ensure continuous monitoring of data & performance of network layers across the spectrum

Over-The-Top (OTT) Services: Get the right mix of B2C and B2B capabilities for superior streaming performance, reach, and experiences

Internet of Things (IoT) Services: Collect, analyse and use data from a myriad of IoT sources to deliver operational efficiencies