Dairy Farming

Catalyse digital transformation and foster business resilience across the Dairy Value Chain

As one of the truly global industries with 133 million dairy farms globally, it is hugely integral to millions of people’s lives. The dairy sector faces multiple challenges, including extreme cost sensitivities, climate changes, demand variations, packaging issues, ever-evolving regulations, and lower profitability.


The sector has shown a significant appetite for leveraging innovative solutions, products, and strategies. This includes automatic milking, cow health, and comfort, moving to sustainable packaging practices, safer supply chains, leveraging Agri-data, and adopting new-age technologies like IoT, AI, ML, among others in their value chain. They seek to mitigate business risks while addressing both operational and strategic business challenges.


From farm automation, smart factories, supply chain management to operationalising data analytics led business decision systems, digitalisation has opened up new ways for dairy businesses to optimise value chains.